The Reveal

Interactive, multimedia performance
45 minutes

Three dancers portray a single protagonist who feels boxed in by gender norms – they wrestle with the pink and blue detritus of a gender reveal party, swim in the sea of gender identity, and with support from the audience, come out as genderqueer. The Reveal ultimately uses gender as a lens to explore the tension between who we feel we’re supposed to be and who we really are. Interactive activities invite audience members to explore our own relationship to gender and to embrace our most authentic selves. The performance is fully bilingual with narration in both English and Spanish. The text is loosely inspired by Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology. 

Choreography by Catherine Siller in collaboration with the dancers: Amelia Estrada, Ariana Haddad, and Melissa Mirza. Text, projection design, and costumes by Catherine Siller. Set design by Jacob Lavoie. Dramaturgy by Betsy Goldman. Spanish translation by Alejandra Rosa. 

This performance was supported in part by NEFA’s New England Dance Fund and the Somerville Arts Council. Special thanks to Connexion UMC for use of their space, and EP Interpretation and Translation for providing Spanish interpreters for the event.

This performance is available for touring. Optional community engagement activities include video and movement workshops.