Voiced / Unvoiced

Multimedia performance

A body pushes against the screen and through lines of text, only to collapse back into a sea of words. Inspired by the writing of Judith Butler, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, and Brian Rotman, this solo performance explores how language shapes our understanding of gender and our perception of our bodies. Does language shape our perception or does our perception shape language? Can we ever truly articulate how our bodies feel?

The performance uses a motion tracking camera and custom software to map video onto the performer’s body. The soundscape is also controlled by the performer’s movements. Choreography, projection design, custom software, and sound by Catherine Siller.

“Voiced / Unvoiced” has been performed at the Brown University’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts (Providence, RI), the University of Buffalo (Buffalo, NY), Watermans Center (London, UK), and Webmedia 2014 (Joao Pessoa, Brazil). Research and development was supported in part by a Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Studies grant.